"Wi' merry sangs, and friendly cracks,
I wat they didna weary;
And unco tales, and funny jokes,
Their sports were cheap and cheery;
Till butter'd so'ns, wi' fragrant lunt,
Set a' their gabs a-steerin';
Syne, wi' a social glass o' strunt,
They parted aff careerin'
Fu' blythe that night."

Apparently zombies do NOT smile...not even for their moms
 But little fairy princesses DO!
 Breanna's Brilliant Fiona costume
 Aperture Scientist
 And a sniper...
 Josh worked all day at Raining Cane's and came home to make his costume...
I actually cannot find a picture of his finished costume (shame)
 My pretty witchling...she wouldn't wear her hat

Party time! Teens making me happy by doing the kiddie crafts lol
 Scary dudes kept showing up for some fun
 AAAAHHHHH...there her wings are!
She was desperate for these wings...one of the few things I bought
 Trick or Treat!
 Guard duty
 Homemade suckers...
 Fun jack-o-lantern by the girls

 gang of kids.....

 Ava's carved watermelons...

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