Little walker

First a'ball...she has two tiny teeth
 Most people freak out, but our kids get teeth pretty late, 
some haven't until their first birthday
(she looks thrilled, yes?)
 "Goodness ma, just let me GOOOO PLAY!"
 "I mean it, stop snapping pictures of me"
 "That's bett....wait a minute!"
 Walking at ten months one week of age...

 You didn't expect actual shots did you? This isn't a movie...sigh
 You just have to trust that she made it to the pumpkins without cruising along the furniture

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Zane W. Gray said...

She still has her "sea legs". If she ever falls while walking, she drops back to crawling at ~27MPH. Looks like a blur on the camera if you ever try to get a picture. She will probably turn out to be an Olympic track star.