More Halloween

Did I mention we are part Heathen? I mean, really, we're bilingual...
Vampire Jack-o-lantern...eaten by more protestant squirrels.

You can tell I'm bitter, some missionaries gave us a hard time about Halloween
 Bre's happy Kermit punkin
 and a Creeper from Minecraft....it's even hissing
 Rachel's cutie, that she did all by herself

 Nathan, looking all cute with his big machines!

Josh being a Creeper, I knew it was here somewhere!
 and pumpkins carved don't amount to much if they don't glow just right.

 Rachel's name tag for Halloween night....

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Zane W. Gray said...

I think people tend to forget that the idea of dressing up in a scary costume came from the practice of trying to scare away evil spirits... not supporting Satan by turning evil for one night. SHEESH! Learn your history people, or you will be doomed to repeat it...

Speaking of history, the history of the Jack-o-Lantern is also pretty interesting. The predicament of Stingy Jack gives me nightmares just thinking about it; I wouldn't want to be stuck between Heaven and Hell forever!