Something looks a bit ratty...

Breanna loved her halloween costume SO much, she was Fiona from Shrek, if you don't recall. SO, she has been wearing this two dollar wig we bought at JoAnns Fabric, every.single.day. Since Halloween. No kidding.  It's starting to look straggly. She's brushed the hair day after day. There are two felt ogre ears sewn on which has pulled the underlaying fabric out of place and it's starting to tear.

But she feels so happy when she's wearing it! Here's this big 14 year old girl walking through the mall with her Fiona wig on. She gets some looks for sure, but I'm not going to take it away just to make her look 'normal' (whatever that is)

It's almost as if Breanna is trying to reinvent herself. She's pulled a character from a movie that is strong and confident and beautiful, and is trying to figure out what makes her that way. Like any small kid, she's using pretend to test the waters of the world, how people work, how they interact. It's a huge step for someone with autism, and I don't care if people look at her funny. That's their problem.

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