A year to celebrate...turning ONE!

Two days old...'hewwo baby!"

 "And girls really wear these?"

 First trip to the lake!
 My first build a bear
 Learning to crawl, at the Blazeks house
 Fourth of July, at the Kramers
 Touring the museum

 Learning to stand
 She's a Gray girl...lookit the dirt!
 She washes up real nice though.
 Rachel made a hat the fits her 'tood

 The dress that grandma made
 First s'more

 Dressing up for pretend with the girls, singing along
 Ready for the zoo

 Helping in the garden
 Picking a pumpkin, all on her own
 First baby doll...thanks to Sonya
 Learning to dig for stuff under the couch

 Running loose

 Learning to walk...first steps

 The library in Moore
 Christmas eve...one year and one day old.

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Zane W. Gray said...

Amazing watching the changes that can happen over a single year. She has truly been a blessing and (for the most part) a joy in our lives!