Hunger Games, again lol

My awesome girls, who can kick ass in Hunger Games style fighting AND in book discussion.
 Movie with St Mike's Youth Group
 We had a lock-in, which included seeing the movie, having dinner,
and then 'training' for the HG. Including a discussion about safety :-)
 More Rules
 We had classes on camouflage, edible plants, weaponry (archery and swordfighting)
and knot tying.
 Discussion about major themes
 Tributes on their plates
 the Career Pack. Their major plan was to guard the cornucopia, 
kill anyone who got close, and move to...
 Their new base of operations
 Final battle, three Careers after a single tribute.
A final melee killed off two more...
 til we had one hot and sweaty survivor.
Final discussion was fantastic. LOTS of insight into human nature, and a lot of discussion about even though they hate the Career Tributes in the book, how easily they turned into people who trained for the HG, and how they ganged up on other Tributes. My favorite talk was the kids comparing current human rights violations to the atrocities in the book. These kids are SMART and they care.

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