Medieval Fair 2012 edition!

another year, another fair!
I am kind of sad, I have zero pictures of Emily and Rachel. They totally dressed up this year as lady pirates, and just looked awesome. I think they're SCA material, they even wove rope to hold their root beer bottles rather than carrying them in backpacks like I suggested. Maybe next year we can make some packs from homespun. They both came home with ideas for leatherwork, so that's been fun!

Dan really dressed up this year lol
 Nathan wore his 'armor' and had his little sword
 Bre wore the green velvet dress we STILL have on loan from Barb L. 
Sorry Barb! (hides in embarrassment)
 My little fairie
 These have not much to do with the fair, but you can see what they wore.
Plus they are SO cute, how could you not love it?

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