I took some time out for life

I forget who said that, but I can't tell you how shocked I was to pull up Blogger and see that it had been two MONTHS since I posted last! I know that most of it must do with the fact that my camera was out of commission, and I love to post pictures rather than try to explain how life is going. Easier, faster, worth a thousand words...etc.

But in two months, we haven't done much. Or should I saw we've done it all? We've spent each day laughing and fighting and eating and sleeping. We've watched movies. We've played outside. We've done laundry and dishes. It's funny. Breanna lives for action. She moves from one concrete thing to the next, Mondays are museum days, Wednesdays are Sonic days, Fridays are potluck. Instead of the Solstices dividing her years, the two big events are her birthday (June) and Christmas (December, for those of you who don't know lol) and I wonder how her brain takes the passing of the days. Are they just blurry happenings that pass the time?

How often do we spend our days like that....just praying for the next big event, rather than cherishing the little things? We don't need to save Time in a Bottle, waiting for the next big event....we have to slow down and enjoy time now.

So next time there's a big break in the blogging, you can be happy for us, knowing that things are proceeding well. I'll try to upload some pictures tomorrow and show you what we've been up to!

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