So THAT'S why I didn't care!

This summer has been a shocker for me, just so tired and ready to quit. I could not figure where my energy went, and then I caught a cold at the end of June that just wouldn't leave me! Well, on the 24th, I woke up early to serious chest pains. I tried to ignore them, citing this reason and that excuse. But after a few hours I had to admit that something was really wrong. 

And it was just as the AHA described, as far as a woman's heart attack goes. Sharp pains, at first I thought I was just dehydrated and stressed, even though it was 5:00 am and it woke me up. The week before was busy with VBS, and preparing for our big medieval party (I cut out fifteen shields and swords for kids, and made a traditional feast) So of course I took terrible care of myself! Before I knew it though, it spread into pain in my arm, and up my neck. I felt nauseous and clammy. In hindsight, the day before I just slugged on the couch and directed kids from there, didn't eat or drink anything. 

We drove to the ER, and they started the EKG and blood testing. After a few hours, the tests came back positive for Troponin, the chemical your heart releases when it's been damaged. Usually by heart attack, but can also be released by liver or kidney issues. So I was admitted for additional testing. I can say I added stuff to my bucket list just so I could scratch it off...my first xray, my first injection of radioactive iodine, my first CT scan, and the first US of my heart (so cool!). First stress test, first ever oxygen supplement, first ever four day fast. 

 I earnestly believe that it was the power of prayer that helped me, at the time I went in for my angiogram, I calculated that I had around 1200 people praying for me! Alan (our priest) says probably more, he called his family in Mississippi and they called and so on and so forth. One person on facebook would ask their church prayer group, and someone in their prayer circle would call a family member and THEIR prayer circle would pray for me, etcetera. It was humbling and inspiring at the same time.

I am so very blessed, all testing shows NO damage to the heart or surrounding vessels, there are no blockages or build up anywhere. It is a mystery, the tissue is swollen, but they don't know if it's cause or effect, so I'm on antibiotics just in case it's an infection. It's still sore, and I'm having twinges, but the cardiologist says we know nothing is wrong so we will just treat for pain and take two weeks to let me heal. 


Zane W. Gray said...

Take it easy, and don't let life get the better of you. This experience was scary for your family as well (esp. your DH... that'd be me), and we don't ever want to lose you!

"Humbling" was an understatement when it comes to prayers and support. I had the privilege of meeting so many of your (rather cool) friends in person that I've never seen before. It made me remember just what a strong and amazing woman you are!

TLDR1440 said...

STRONG & AMAZING -yeah! That'd be Melissa Gray. You have been more of a dear friend to me than you'll ever know, until we get to heaven and God can show you your influence in my life. I am so grateful for the prospect of living close to you so that I can have the opportunity to give back even a taste of what you've so generously shared with me over the years. Your grace, you vulnerability, your kindness --- you are such a blessing to me and the entire Smith family. Don't let the lesson of this heart attack escape you: YOU ARE VALUABLE; TAKE EXCELLENT CARE OF YOURSELF! You're a VIP!
much love,

Melissa said...

Love you both! Thanks