Hello everybody!!

Hopefully you haven't given up on me altogether, but I wouldn't blame you if you had. Long time, no post!

Long story short, due to my medical problems, we had to decide how to proceed with life. I could not do all the things for all the kids, and properly unschool them. I could do most of the kids, if I didn't have Breanna home, or I could do Breanna's very time intensive stuff, if I didn't have the other kids.

In the long run, we decided to put Bre back in school. She wanted to go back, while none of the other kids did. She needs a pretty strong routine provided every day, and I couldn't do that when I'm fine one day and completely swiped the next. Honesty, recovery from this issue has taken much longer than I expected. The drs have all said to expect recovery to take three to six months! SO I'm looking at next year to be back to my regular energy, with no pain.

Anyway, so Bre started back to school, and is now in the high school. There have been a few bumps in the road, but overall she is very happy. There are typical kids in the classroom that she happens to love, and they seem to do okay with her. She has a one-on-one aide, and takes her own lunch and snack every day. They do academics every day, and provide skills training as well. She knows the household chores, but she loves the predictability of practicing. Probably the only kid in the world who does!

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