Election day, a week later

We finally filled out our last map with the electoral votes, and wrote in the winner on our big poster.  I'm a wee bit embarrassed at how long it has taken. However, it was rather nice because we were able to take the time to really absorb what we saw on the news, and then sit down with the computers and talk about what happened. If we'd tried that before the election, I don't think it would have made the same impact.

Here's our polling place...yummy snacks and funny people.
We had our own election as well, and here is Sam, filling out his ballot by the snack table.
Yay, we voted!
Instead of voting for president (although the kids all had their opinions) we voted for 'Mommy for the day'. I really enjoyed watching them vote, surreptitiously of course. Emily and Rachel are the only two who had 'campaigns', promising extra snacks and all you can drink sodas. Of course, Emily voted for herself, Rachel for HERself, Dan wrote his name in and voted for himself, Sam voted for both (cover his bases), Josh voted for Emily (she's a better cook, he says), and Avari voted for Rachel (because she likes the letter R). Breanna wrote in everyone's names, and voted for no one. LOL! Emily was mommy today, and did a good job. It seems to me that I still had as much work to do ;-)  Maybe more because Avari had a rough day with the potty stuff. ack! 

Everyone DID get their soda today, and she made mac-n-cheese with pepperoni's for lunch. She did start the day off with a bang...pancakes, bacon and eggs as you order them, which is way more than I can handle on a week day. 

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