Since we're doing old pictures..

Here's the rest of Halloween, costumes and all.
Boys were clone troopers
Rachel...the devil!
and Emily, the fairy.
Her makeup was almost Ren quality, however, my picture taking is not.
(it's the camera, honest lol)
And the princess. 
The one with the black eye.
And the missing costume, she adapted with an Easter dress from last year.
She doesn't care what dress she's wearing, she just likes dresses.
Breanna LOVES face paint. Who knew?
Well, me. Last year she painted her entire body blue. Rather druidic.
And zombies do eat..sometimes. 
Josh was a zombie fisherman, but couldn't find his hat with all the hooks.
The girls and I made a cake...very good. 

And last but not least...my jack-o-lantern.
You can't tell that the bottom swirl has a snake head in the middle.
I had grand plans. I did not finish them. Next year, I will buy a styrofoam one and work longer
The mold was distracting after a while. But the glow was gorgeous.

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