Pregnancy hormones

quote: Mood swings are very common because of these hormone changes - it is not something you have much control over. Nearly all pregnant women are prone to emotional ups and downs. Common “side effects” include bouts of feeling unsure and panicky, extreme reactions to minor things and even crying. Unquote

Nice to know. Thought I'd warn the rest of the planet. It's in full swing here...mostly, though, I'm too tired to really play out the reactions...it's all in my head that I'm sacrificing people to some ancient Aztec god...

Nice picture of Emily, though, wouldn't you say? 'Bout sums it all up in our house for the last few weeks (eh, months) Good news is that the ticker says we have 114 more days. Then we can begin the joys of postpartum hormones. 

I'm not really sure how I feel about this...excuse for the hormones. I mean, it's nice to have the rational reason for being angry, but wouldn't it be nice just to feel NORMAL for a bit? It can NOT be rational to have these weird things pop up in my head, like when dh was working on the car and I was furious that he came home for lunch and ignored me. Hello?! He scarfed down a meal so he could change the lights in my dad's car so I could drive it safely tonight. How very sweet! Even if he didn't know I had to take the truck for the space tonight...I had to keep saying to myself "He didn't know that..." (Grrr, did he ask?) before I put the car into reverse and backed over him.  

I read once that anger is like an addiction...a person can become accustomed to the rush of adrenaline, the false sense of control, the ability to share hurtful things and suffer only the feeling of regret. I believe it, I've lived it! What a horrible thing to get used to...much less depend on for an unhealthy emotional stability. I've worked through a lot of that...so it's rather disconcerting to have minor scuffles fill me with blinding rage. So, many prayers and lots of hope for sleep, please!

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Heather said...

omg! I think I might be pregnant! lol