So much for NaBloPoMo

I really wanted to do 30 days of really intent mindful blogging, instead of my usual "Aren't my kids cute?" blathering, but honestly, today has been one of those days. I had a few ideas of what to blog about last night, but they were gone this morning when I woke up. And then today I had a GREAT idea, but prego brain strikes again, and honest to goodness, can't remember what I wanted to blog about. Sigh. They say you lose half your brain cells when you're pregnant. What about if you're pregnant and/or nursing for fourteen years? There has to be some kind of half like, but honestly...if I lost half with Josh, and half more with each child, I've only 1/128th parts left. That's frightening, yet explains the aphasia I seem to have when talking to acquaintances. As well as the mild hostility I have with stupid people lately (like the guy doing forty in a sixty mph on the highway, while talking on the phone, eating AND reading the paper) I was tempted to take him out, he'd never know if he caused the wreck or not...and it kind of goes back to my Darwinist roots. Survival of the fittest baby...

Speaking of surviving babies, we had an ultrasound today, baby is looking good. Level II and all is well (we were exposed to fifths disease a few weeks back). We even got to find the gender (hahaa....ask my friends who know, you have to PAY for this knowledge) We played with friends yesterday, and Wednesday we volunteered at HUGS. We did skip F&S for friends today, which makes me feel guilty, but I was swiped. My email is all kinds of disturbed, and Cox is not great with customer service. Twice on their IM service counter, the rep logged out JUST as I passed the queue. grrr. I'm going to Apple next, I don't even know why I bother with anyone else. They'll fix it even if it's not Mac related.

By the way....aren't my kids cute?


Anonymous said...

Um...Your 360 of the baby is looking like a girl today. I know it will be a blessing either way!! Sorry I have to post under anonymous. I forgot my password. Must be the TRYING to get pregnant pregnancy brain! Julie A

Melissa said...

LOL! They don't have gender babies on the widget, so you can't tell from that!

Nice try though! There really is a hint somewhere on my blog.

Anonymous said...


I am sure it's a boy.
Your all children are beautiful but Ava is the prettiest!
Let us know the gender, very curious!