Avari's baptism

This is the hideously horrible storebought cake. Not quite the pastel yellow i asked for.
Is it a cake-wreck? I'm not sure. 
This is MY cake...I made the roses and everything. wOoT!
Six years after my Wiltons class, I still got it.
Found the doves in the wedding section, find the verse in the Bible. 
Ava picked her dress, mostly because it had a matching doll dress.
Daddy and I bought her a matching doll, 
who has now been named Little Ava by her mommy BIG Ava
She was quite excited to be baptized, although the bishop was a little overwhelming once he had his miter on :-)
He's really a wonderful person, nice to talk to, and very friendly.
I'm so thankful for this special occasion for her. 

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