Been a week!!!

Got a new bumper sticker. "Live as if School doesn't exist" I think we do a pretty good job of it!

Because the first thing that goes in a busy week is MY time. It's okay, it's been really great because it's been a Busy that belongs to US. It's not time that we're giving to others, it's not activities that we feel stressed about, it's been about what we want to do. Playdates Monday and Tuesday (with a sleepover thrown in), and scouts on Tuesday, along with LOTS of errands and chores.

I'm nesting most severely, and since the baby doesn't need much, I'm taking it out on the rest of the house. So, Wednesday the kids and I went to Lowe's and picked out paint and sinks and all manner of bathroom items. Thursday we took half of it back because it didn't fit. Then we went back and bought more. We visited other home improvement stores, which is always fun! We love hardware and lumber...and we spent hours there this past week. Friday was our 'at-home' day, and the kids spent most of it doing math. Hmmmmm. It was a quiet day, and I'm not arguing ;-) I actually got about nine loads of laundry done, and managed to paint all the trim in the bathroom as well as insulate and seal the pipes before the new vanity went in. 

Saturday was a LONG day...as we had to be at the mall at 8am for girl scout cookie kick off (anyone want girl scout cookies???? they are 100% transfat free!) We were at the mall until 11:30 (although the last half hour was eating ice cream, not exactly an onerous job), then we grabbed lunch out and went shopping for girl clothes. Whew! That was another three hours, then drop the girls off and out with a friend to run errands and finish the day with mom's night out. And finish it we did, I got home about 10pm and fell into bed! 

Today was church, and we had a special meeting, so home at 3pm, do some clean up (surf some web lol!) and then at 6pm Josh and I are leaving to go help with an Eagle project for a fellow scout. It's a different kind of eagle project, instead of building something, he's putting on a talent-show fundraiser for Bridges, a local organization that does fantastic work. I'm really eager to attend and hear about his final result. 

Tomorrow we start all over...another week. More opportunity to shine and grow and be everything we're supposed to become. Yay us!


Blessed Wife and Mom said...

Bridges is a great program. Frank is a career coach for some students there and he really enjoys it.
Glad you guys had a great week. I'll be in touch with you about GS cookies, I know my mom wants some.

Alex Polikowsky said...

I want some cookies !LOL