Missing warmer weather

After a cold beginning last week, we had temperatures in the upper 60's, and 75º on one day! The kids don't even take it for granted, it was lovely seeing them out from sunrise to sunset every single day! This week is a little chillier, but not too bad, 40's for the most part, so they aren't spending nearly as much time outside. We're expecting an 'artic' cold front with highs in the 20's to hit tonight or tomorrow, and we're all missing our warm winter weather.
Rachel in sunshine...she really glows
We love the newish park toys, but our favorite is the old bouncer
but who needs a bouncing toy, really, when the trees are so obliging?
Josh and his new bike
Emily and HER new bike
Breanna won't touch her new bike...
All the kids riding through the park...you can see Ava a bit
And to think, there's a new bill in the Senate that will allow officers to pick up any homeschooled child if not attended by their parent at all times in public. So, if this passes, I won't be able to let my children just play at the park during the day...even though the house is closer to the park than the public school is to the playground there. ~rolls eyes~ They won't be able to walk to the shopping center with their allowance until after 3pm...which is just ridiculous. 

They've been trying to pass this for years...some people canNOT stand that home schooling is constitutionally protected in Oklahoma. 

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Sylvia said...

Is this some kind of truancy effort? Seems to me if you really want to keep the kids in school, then make school a place kids WANT to be.