For dh, who misses all the fun

first of all, the kids miss daddy. :-(

Today was good, everyone was up early and ate cereal for breakfast. Except Sam, who still felt sick after throwing up in the middle of the night.

We hung out and played Farkle.

Josh and I started to clean the garage, four hours got us about halfway done (done enough for grocery shopping on pay day!)

Had nachos for lunch.

Quiet time, the floor guy showed up to assess repair work.

Quick trip to see my friend at work, and to wal-mart.

Home again, Home again, jiggity jog.

Got a statement from Delta Dental....we owe money ;-)

Sloppy Joes for Dinner, delish!!

Josh did a great job helping clean the kitchen, I didn't have to ask at all for help today!

Played with the pocket chart tonight...watched some TV with the kids. They went to bed earliesh, but Nathan was up late. Which is why *I* am up late :-P

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Zane W. Gray said...

What?! We owe money?! Just kidding... When do we not owe money to someone ;)

I miss you guys, and can't wait to get back home.