zOMG...last week was busy

Can't even go into it all in narrative. how about bullet points??? Good for you? LOL

Sat last-Zane's unofficial birthday party (it's the 22nd) He spent six hours with Josh cutting down trees to try and get rid of the mosquitoes. At the same time, the girls and I were frantically trying to sew a five foot bean bag as his birthday present.
That night we had a catfish fry, watched movies and ate his ten pounds of m&ms lol

Sun last-Father's day...headed off to church, Zane had to work Boo! After we got back from church, headed to my dad's for the day...cooked burgers with my stepmom. Gave both dads their father's day presents, parents gave Zane his birthday presents. Got home after 10pm

Monday-Zane took off work, so we went shopping for new shoes, took him out to eat lunch and bowling. In the evening, Josh babysat so we could run errands and be on a 'date' (hey, one kid at wal-mart IS a date)

Tuesday-worked desperately to get caught up on laundry.

Wednesday-stayed at Friend's house most of the day, swimming!

Thursday-was supposed to be a relaxing stay-at-home day, but instead the kids broke two iMacs (which sucks because the computer is IN the monitor, so we can't just plug in one of the spare monitors from the garage between that and getting towels washed...

Friday-I don't remember! I do remember that we pulled into the driveway, about ten minutes before potluck. man.

Saturday-workshop at the library, Zane did more yardwork/housework. I went shopping for birthday presents for the next few weeks, and spent some time alone before being the single parent for a week. Gave boys (and Bre) their haircuts, so daddy would get one with them. bought some cool stuff at Mardel's and Barnes and Noble. (BTW, mardels 20% off sale is July 16th for those who want a deal on kids and/or educational stuff. last year we got a bunch of posters, paper and Bananagrams, plus won stuff in doorprize drawings)

Sunday today- dropped Zane off early at the airport, wound up an hour and a half early for church. The kids and I weeded the memorial garden for a while, then headed into the nursery to play. After church, headed home to start a turkey, clean up and then out to a pool party. Get home, bath kids, watch Incredibles while snacking on said turkey, and now I'm typing this up before Nathan wakes up for one more 'nurses'.

Hopefully this coming week will be nice and calm while dh is gone. I have a ton of pictures I just need to load onto the computer. I expect a friend to come over. Should get the floor-install guy out to check a transition that broke, and I'm expecting a roof inspector over. plus it's payday Tuesday which means 1)grocery shopping and 2)allowance day, so everyone will have money burning holes in their pockets lol!

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