I never cease to learn...

I have a bumper sticker on my truck, it's my favorite one I think, except for this one or that one. Anyway, it says:


I love it for so many reasons. Partly because we live in a college town, and I feel so much for these kids who think they'll put in their four years and never. have. to. learn. Ever again. It makes me sad that kids go through all those years of school and it's just one hoop after another, and they hate it so much that at the age of ten, the thought of spending a day at the museum with three really cool scientists was anathema to them. It makes me sad to know adults who won't touch a book unless they have to for work, or attend continuing education classes without a stipend.

Anyway, I love homeschooling with my kids because I get to learn EVERY DAY! How very cool is that? I get to see my kids learning every day, and that is even more astonishing and incredible. The human brain is wired to learn, and it does that until some outside force acts on it enough that learning no longer becomes pleasurable. 

Things *I* have learned this week.

1. That when I am in a hurry, every light between me and my endpoint will change.

2. When I need a stoplight to finish filling out a check, I will not hit one.

3. Seven errands in one day will leave me tired and shaky ;-)

4. That little boys cannot sit and talk at the same time. They must do something.

5. The hardest part of quilting is cutting your first piece of fabric.

6. The really cool life and times of Ada Lovelace, founder of scientific computing.

7. That I still like Calculus more than Trig or Geometry.

8. That the name for Batman came from Anthony Wayne and Robert Bruce, the latter being gentry and the former a symbol of colonialism. (additional learning about both gentlemen lol)

9. All about peg lateral teeth. More than I ever cared to know...

10. A little about African drumming. Looking forward to more.

Have a nice weekend, from Nathan and me!

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Zane W. Gray said...

I learned that, no matter how much time I mentally carve out for doing something, it will never get done.