Tuesday Tour

Girls room today. Living proof that we bought a really big house, because there are three girls in this room, with LOTS of space.

First shot, from the doorway. You can see Avari's princess bed (free from a friend), Emily and Rachel put up the bed curtain that Grandma gave them, to separate the space a little. They also have their bookshelf (freecycle) sideways to block the area. Most of our books are together in the learning room, but each kid has their own shelves for special books. That rocking chair we've had since Breanna was born. It's really special to me, because all of our behbehs have been rocked in it.

Wall one of Ava's space, the whole room used to be that bright blue, but when I was pg with Ava, I decided I needed LOTS of pink, we bought a five gallon bucket of this pink stuff. I couldn't bear to get rid of our rainbow though.
My dad made the bookshelf for her, and the computer desk was a yard sale find, $5 woot!

Avari's second wall, homemade felt board with Hungry Caterpillar set, a 'dresser' of sorts. We got that idea from my friend Julie. It's easy because the drawers are small enough for her to dig through, and deep enough that she can put stuff in easily. The dolls on top are from Land of Milk and Honey, a really sweet book series. Lastly, her wooden dollhouse, I got on clearance at a closing toy store in Tulsa. 90% off!

Into the big girls area, Emily took this shot for me. 

More shelves from my dad. They're supposed to be like these from Pottery Barn, but dad didn't want to divide them up, so three big shelves. I think they cost about $40 each to make for wood and paint. Their stuffies live there.

The dressers, yard sale finds from Ikea, $5 because the runners needed replaced. For both. (!)

Bunk beds, we bought these when Bre turned one. They are sturdy, and flexible, gone through all the kids so far. The girls want to paint them white, but honestly I'm worried I'll mess it up and they won't look nice. So they'll stay a brown wood. You'll note that there are three beds, one stays dressed for sleepovers. lol!

First of two closets. We had the clothes and shoes divided by girls, but they wanted to put all the clothes into one closet.

So they have a whole closet for their dolls! LOL, some of these are American Girl, although there are some craft store dolls, as well as Groovy Girls. It's so funny, just two years ago they didn't like GG at all, then suddenly they were desperate to have them. So now they have a tent, sleeping bags, and furniture for these soft dolls. They have a 'house' set up for AG, with a dining table, a kitchen and bed. They appropriated the bell tower from the Christmas Parade, to make an apartment for the girls to sleep in. That just hasn't happened yet.


Zane W. Gray said...

Zane Gray likes this.

Too bad there isn't a "like" button for Blogger...

littleoldladyinashoe said...

I love the tours Melissa.
The girls room is HUGE! I'm NOT showing it to my girls or tthey would be envious!
There is only 2 of them but they can barely move in their room.
I LOVE that princess bed.
I love your house, he way its arranged the size...maybe *I* better not come over for I would be full of envy ;-)